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I have seen the others
And I have discovered
That this fight is not worth fighting
And I’ve seen their mothers
And I will no other
To follow me where I’m going

So take a shower, shine your shoes
You’ve got no time to lose
You are young and you must be living
Go now, you are forgiven

—Dispatch (via wanderlust-and-found)

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Happy Friday! #dispatch #takeaticketfromwhoyoucan


Happy Friday! #dispatch #takeaticketfromwhoyoucan


Would you be the wind to blow me home? Would you be a dream on the wings of a poem? And if we were walking through a crowd, well, you know I’d be proud if you’d call my name out loud.

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Dispatch - Circles Around the Sun

"The doctors were shocked by his vital signs,

She said would you like to go home now?”

woah, they’ve really deviated from their original style I think 0.o This is from their first full length studio album in 12 years.


'cause the bottle's not empty
'cause your voices are all there
My life will fight in my body for air

You got to be livin’

—Dispatch (via ryanspart2)